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Soil Health References

Useful soil fertility tables and links:  This document has useful tables and links to important publications. Click here.

Soil fertility presentation:  This document is the presentation Dean gave in Vancouver WA in January 2023.        Click here.

How to Take a Soil Sample:  This guide from Oregon State University explains the benefits of taking soil samples for analysis plus how to sample your soil, choose a lab, and select parameters to test. Click here.

Soil Test Interpretation Guide:  A good OSU general guide to interpreting soil test results for phosphorus, potassium, pH, and other nutrients. Click here.

USDA-NRCS Soil Health Site:  This website has a variety of links to information about the principles of soil health plus practices to make your soil healthier. Click here.

Cover Crop Periodic Table:  An information-packed pdf from USDA that provides information about a variety of cover crops, including whether they are cool or warm season; grass, legume, or other broadleaf; water needs; and more.         Click here.

Life in the Soil:  This wonderful publication by James Nardi describes a wide range of organisms that live in the soil. It includes beautiful illustrations. Click here.

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