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Black Soil

 SWCD Priorities


Dean will listen to farmers, foresters, urban residents, and community groups to hear their concerns and their ideas.



Key resource concerns

Let's continue to plant trees along streams, conserve water, reduce erosion, make forests more resilient. Plus, more can be done to help folks sequester carbon in soil, adapt to a changing climate, establish diverse forests on suitable sites, improve pollinator and songbird habitat, and maintain the viability of family farms and forests.


Help rural AND urban residents

The Tualatin SWCD has helped farmers and family forest owners implement excellent conservation projects and made a great start on offering services to urban / suburban folks. It's important to help ALL residents of Washington County conserve resources.


Let's explore ways ANY student with an interest in natural resources can work alongside staff, learn about conservation, and develop job skills that translate into good full-time jobs. Also, the SWCD should actively recruit people from historically underserved communities to participate in planning District programs and to consider running for the Board.

Diversity, equity, inclusion

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