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Plant & Irrigation System

Dean Moberg

Gash Gold Vermilion
Natural Resources
Consulting, LLC


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Dean Moberg (left) teaches a session on soil management at the Clackamas County Small Farm School.

Juvencio Ramos and Lyn Jacobs at their Finquita del Buho farm. "We have valued and will continue to value our friendship & your advocacy of small farmers. We are SO excited you are running for Board of Directors of Tualatin SWCD. Who better than you." - Lyn Jacobs

Garden Soil
Garden Soil
 All  ethics  so  far  evolved  rest  upon  a  single  premise:   that  the individual  is  a  member  of  a  community  of   interdependent  parts.  The  land  ethic  simply  enlarges   the  boundaries  of  the  community  to  include  soils,   waters,  plants  and  animals,  or  collectively  the  land.  
 Aldo  Leopold,  A  Sand  County  Almanac  (1949)


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